About Us

Our Mission

Retro Angels was started to help glamorous people (like yourself) easily discover authentic hard-to-find pairs of vintage luxury sunglasses. Galliano Diors? We have them. 90's Chanel? We have those too! We aim to bring you the most iconic vintage, new old stock, and pre-loved sunglasses that were once sold and are rare to come by now.


The Vision

Our 00's-inspired assortment perfectly embodies the main character energy we want you to feel when you put on your pair of sunglasses. 

With each look we serve, we aim to acknowledge the unique accessories our world already has instead of using new materials to make more.

Looking fabulous AND helping the planet? Now that's iconic.


Sustainability Initiatives

The term "sustainability” isn't taken lightly here. We take honest steps to lessen our environmental impact, and we’re always learning new ways to do better.

Box: Made from recycled materials, recyclable, biodegradable.

Shipping label: Made from recycled materials, recyclable.

Packing tape: Plant based (cellulose), biodegradable.

Logo tape: Made from kraft paper, recyclable, biodegradable, repulpable.

Crinkle paper: Chlorine and bleach free, recycled, compostable, biodegradable.

Security tag: Both cord and tag are biodegradable.

Extra-crystal baggies: We up-cycle button baggies from clothing or small items that have been sent to us. 

Therefore, please recycle the box to join our efforts in creating a more eco-conscious future of business.
       Partnered with EcoEnclose, committed to sustainable packaging