Every pair of sunglasses on our website is carefully authenticated in-house before they’re shown to you. We have no tolerance for counterfeit goods and have a money-back guarantee to make sure you're 100% confident in your purchase*.

*Please see Terms of Service for our money-back guarantee policy.


Sanitization and Original Cases

Vintage doesn't have to feel like vintage. As soon as we get our sunglasses we spot-clean them with a disinfectant solution. They're then photographed and disinfected again before they're sent to you.

Few vintage sunglasses come to us with their original cases, and when they do they're usually in poor condition and can't be properly sanitized. Because of this, all of our sunglasses are packaged in a Retro Angels box and pouch, ensuring the comfort of a bacteria-free luxury experience.

Original cases may be available upon request. Please send your inquiry using the Contact Us form on our website after placing your order. Please include your order number and request in the comment box.



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