Custom Sourcing

Love a pair of vintage sunglasses but don't know where to find them? We can find them for you! 

How it works:

1. Send us a DM on Instagram (@RetroAngelsEyewear) with a photo of your desired sunglasses.

2. We will contact our vintage vendors to find the sunglasses that you're looking for.

3. If we find the pair, we will send you photos, condition details, and pricing information.

4. If you'd like to move forward with the purchase, we will ask you to put a 50% deposit down. Once the deposit is paid, we will order the pair from our vendor. 

5. When the pair arrives, we will send you detailed product photos, making sure that they're up to your, and our standards. 

6. Once condition standards are confirmed, you will pay the remaining 50% of the price. As soon as this is paid, we will ship your item to you.

Please note, custom sourcing orders are non-refundable once paid in full.